Darwin Awards – What? They don’t sell laxatives in Hong Kong?

I’m sure that by now all of you have heard of the Darwin Awards. Here’s an extract from The Darwin Awards 4 – Intelligent Design:

Honorable Mention: Eel Enema

Confirmed by Darwin

Late 2003, Hong Kong

An unidentified fifty-year-old entered the accident and emergency department of a local hospital complaining of abdominal pain. The doctor’s examination revealed peritonitis, an inflammation of the abdomen. Wondering what had caused this problem, doctors ordered an X-ray and spotted what appeared to be an eel inside his colon! Could an eel be the source of his pain?

Yes, the man admitted, there was an eel inside hi. He had been suffering from constipation, he told the dubious medical staff, and thought that inserting an eel into his rectum would relieve it.

The man was rushed to the operating room, where an emergency laparoscopy disclosed that a nineteen-inch eel was biting the side of his colon. The eel had also taken a bite out of his rectum wall in transit, so to speak. After surgeons removed the animal and reconstructed the rectum, the man’s pain and constipation were both cured. He was discharged from the hospital a week later.


  1. I love reading the Darwin Awards….the stupidity of mankind is spectacular! Clearly they don’t get prune juice in HK either :-)

  2. Last year we took a copy of the book with us when we went camping.

    In the evenings we punctuated the conversations with “Hey, listen to this one!”

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