Title: Travels with a Typewriter: A reporter at large*

Author: Michael Frayn

 Basic Plot: A collection of Frayn’s travel pieces from the 1960s and 70s from the Guardian and the Observer.

Personal Impression: I’ve just started reading the book, so I really don’t have much to say, other than “interesting read”. The Irish Examiner has however, described it as “timeless examples of the enduring appeal of good writing.”


A Farewell to Money

Cuba, ten years on

No representation – but, then, no taxation. No bars – but then, no drunks.

No news, no institutions to protect the rights of the individual, nothing in the shops. Often no water in the pipes, occasionally no electricity in the wires. “No liberalism whatsoever! No softening whatsoever!” (Castro.) No hope of an easier life for at least ten years yet.

But the, no beggars, no barefoot children. No prostitution, no destitution, no racial discrimination. And so far, no real terror.  

The tenth anniversary of the Revolution, and by common consent the end of the hardest year yet. Each year things have just about to improve, and each year they have got worse. Almost everything you can buy is rationed, and almost everything has to be queued for. There is a feeling of greyness and weariness, as if the nation had been at war for ten years.  

*The book’s a Christmas present from Barry.


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Book “review” – Travels with a Typewriter

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