I’ve got lots to tell you guys, from Dorian Grey (the movie) and Trainspotting (the novel), to that time I accidentally watched a couple of strippers take off their clothes. And by accidentally, I mean that a few years ago En-dee! and I drove all the way to the Northern suburbs, only to be appalled by two 40 somethings “dancing” to Celine Dion. It’s the first time I’ve seen women run AWAY from the strippers.

Anyway, my brother’s two Malaysian friends will be travelling to Cape Town soon. When I’d first heard about their impending visit, I politely declined the offer to join their expedition. I’d assumed that by the time they’d arrived, I’d be riding El Diablo in Ecuador. Eight months later and I know that my South American adventures will not take place this year. So now that my schedule is completely clear, I cannot help but be tempted by the idea of joining them. They are after all planning on heading to the Cango Caves and Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa’s premier surfing destination.


So yeah, a few days ago I managed to complete reading the novel, Trainspotting. I’d never actually managed to watch the movie before so I was completely unprepared for the shocking scenes I was to encounter.

(Warning: Readers with a sensitive constitution should under not read the following excerpt.)

Here’s an excerpt from the novel, “A couple ay these rich, imperialist bastards have ordered soup; our trendy tomato and orange. As Graham’s busy preparing the main courses, ah take the bloodied tampon and lower it, like a tea-bag, intae the first bowl ay soup. Ah then squeeze its manky contects oot wi a fork. A couple of strands ay black, uteral lining float in the soup, before being dissolved wi a healthy stir.”

Dorian Grey, Trainspotting, JBay, Cango Caves

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